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About Us

Get to know us and our story

At Barna & Moycullen Vets your pet has access to the finest facilities without having to leave the building

As well as spending time at her grandfather’s veterinary practice as a child, Leanne spent a great deal of time taking long walks through the woodland and countryside with her mother. During these walks – “they were more like nature excursions than leisurely strolls" – Leanne learnt a great deal about wildlife, and how different species, have very specific needs.

This type of upbringing undoubtedly played a huge role in Leanne’s desire to care for animals and her subsequent decision to train as a veterinary surgeon.

“Having a father who worked in forestry and a mother who was a biology teacher, I always had a keen interest in nature and science growing up. I think that these two things, combined with my grandfather’s extensive veterinary background, gave me the desire to provide great animal care to people’s beloved pets.”

Since establishing Barna Vet Clinic in 2008, Leanne has been constantly growing and developing the practice. With over ten staff now working for her, the practice today has come a long way from the ‘one vet, one nurse’ structure it started out with just eight years ago.

It’s not only the team here that has been expanding, but our range of equipment too. We’re always looking for safer and more efficient ways to treat your pet and, as a result, boast our very own x-ray facilities and state-of-the-art dental suite.

As a dedicated small animal practice, over the years Barna Vet Clinic has catered for many different species and breeds. So, whether your companion barks, meows or squeaks, we’ll welcome them with open arms.

If you would like to find out any more about Barna Vet Clinic and our facilities, or to book an appointment with us please call 091 867008 today and a member of our friendly team will be happy to help.

Moycullen Veterinary Clinic

At Moycullen Veterinary Clinic in Galway you will find a small animal practice staffed by a team of pet lovers who will care for your dog, cat or small animal as if it were their own.

Our patients include every type of small pet variety and breed imaginable from Irish Wolfhounds to baby terrapins and from birds of paradise to all types of reptiles.

Some pets and just as many owners can be anxious ahead of a veterinary check-up but once you place your much-loved pet in our capable hands, you and your pet can rest assured of the highest quality pet care.

As well as more complicated appointments involving ultrasounds, analysis of bloods or surgical care, we are also delighted to welcome in pet owners just to say hello and have a pet treat. This helps to remove the stress or nerves from the pet for any future veterinary visits.

Our vet clinic team are also there to assist with other treatments which might not seem to be vital to your pet’s well-being but are an important preventative part of ensuring your pet lives a happy and healthy life. These treatments may include cleaning your pet’s dirty ears, the removal of small stones or objects from your pets stomach or just persuading your favourite feline to take her meds!

Leanne Evertsen MVB MRCVS

Leanne was not destined to be a politician. She was brought up in a biologically biased household with a biology teacher mother and forestry based father. Every walk was a nature lesson! She knew her dogs from her dung beetles from an early age! It came as no surprise, that she followed her grandfather’s footsteps many years later, into UCD to study Veterinary Medicine.


Leanne set up Barna Veterinary Clinic in 2008 and Moycullen Veterinary Clinic in 2010 after working in different practices in both the UK and Ireland.


She has one dog, Minnie, a MADRA rescue terrier who is completely dominated (willingly) by Ernie a very complicated black cat.

Joanne Perry DVM

Joanne has been with us since 2012 and is a native of County Roscommon. She has one dog, a MADRA rescue called Rosco (yes you’ve guessed it, named after her beloved home county). Even though Rosco has only one eye, he is All Ireland Canine Frisbee Champion 2014. Well not really, but he would be if he ever brought it back!


Joanne has a special soft spot for the older patients and if she goes missing during the day, you will find her in the patient kennels spoiling the pensioners!

Michelle Curtin MVB

Michelle graduated as a vet from University College Dublin in 2007. Since qualifying she has worked in both busy private practices and emergency hospitals in Northern Ireland, England and Canada, gaining a wide variety of experience.


She returned to her native Galway and joined us here in Barna and Moycullen in March 2014. She loves the variety of general small animal practice but is particularly interested in dentistry and ultrasonography.


Michelle has no pets of her own at the moment but hopes to rectify that soon!

Darina Nolan RVN

Darina is a County Galway girl and has been with Barna Veterinary Clinic since opening in 2008, making her feel like part of the furniture. She recently completed a Graduate Certificate in Veterinary Practice Management in UCD and is putting this knowledge to good use making sure the clinic runs smoothly.


Darina’s pets include horses, Thomas, Ben and Lucky, 2 terrapins, a MADRA rescue dog called Frank, and the newest addition to Darina’s family is an uber-pampered Chihuahua called Nidge, who has a Great Dane sized personality! Nidge has his own wardrobe full of clothes, and likes to keep up to date with all the latest trends. Outside of his part time “meet and greet” role in Barna Veterinary Clinic, Nidge enjoys being carried around in Darina’s bicycle basket or handbag, tearing up toilet rolls and causing trouble with Rosco (Vet Joannes dog).

Kathryn Molloy RVN

Kathryn is also one of the originals and has been with us since 2008. She is affectionately known as Kathryn “The Feeder” Molloy. If you are worried that your pets will be hungry while staying with us, don’t be, as everytime she passes an animal, she sneaks them a tasty morsel (when they are not fasting of course). Even the stray cats in her neighbourhood have heard of her reputation, on the grapevine, and gather around the door of her house to be fed when Kathryn gets home from work!


Unsurprisingly Kathryn is the proud owner to slightly “chunky” kitty Roxie, who makes it clear to the strays that she rules the roost!

Aisling Niland RVN

Aisling is the “Go-To” woman at Moycullen Veterinary Clinic and easily juggles the demands of clinic management with day to day nursing duties.


Whether you need a worming tablet or a friendly ear, Aisling will sort you out!


Aislings pets include 2 cats, Norman and Cecil who spend their days using teamwork to terrorise Charlie the Staffy by hanging off his ears, and pouncing on him at every given opportunity. Night time is spent waking Aisling most nights for treats at 5am!

Eileen Burbidge RVN

Eileen trained as a Veterinary Nurse in California, moving back to Ireland with her family in 1999, settling in Galway. She joined the lovely staff at the clinic in 2010 and works as cover for the nurses at both Barna and Moycullen clinics. She is getting used to the look of disappointment on the faces of clients when they don’t see Aisling, Darina, Kathryn or Sarah!


Eileen currently has 9 pets including guinea pigs, a rabbit, terrapins, a rat and an elderly wire-haired Dachshund called Russell. Russell’s eccentricities include convincing a family member he wants to go for a walk, and then turning back at the end of the driveway. His favourite holiday is on the family barge on the river Shannon. He likes to patrol the perimeter of the barge, keeping an eye on any activities on the water. His body shape is perfect for the long, narrow barge!


At work Eileen enjoys getting to know the individual personalities of the patients and making their visit as enjoyable as possible.

Sarah Coleman RVN

Sarah is a local Galway girl that joined us in 2013. Besides being a qualified Veterinary nurse, Sarah also has a degree in Psychology, which is put to regular use with both animals and humans alike!


Sarah has 3 cats: Pebbles, a dear old dame who is 20 years young and is presently enjoying retirement living the life of luxury.


Ripley, the sensible gentleman who specialises in clawing furniture and opening doors. Lacey is the youngest of the trio and Sarah recently joined the “GSPCA failed fosterer” group, when Lacey’s temporary stay became permanent. In her spare time, Sarah keeps a marine tank with fish, starfish, hermit crabs and corals.