Hamsters at Barna Vet Clinic

Hamsters can make good pets if you are night owl! Most people do not realise that these little guys are nocturnal – they sleep during the day! So when you want to see them in action during the day, all they do is sleep and then they keep you awake at night going around and around and… In their little exercise wheel!

Hamsters can be grumpy when woken during the day, so it is not uncommon for these little critters to bite if a finger is poked at them while sleeping. Exercise is important for hamsters and an exercise ball or a series of tubes can be a good way to keep them active. Males can be aggressive so introduce a new house mate at a young age.

Further Information On Hamsters

More information – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hamster or contact Barna Veterinary Clinic directly if you have any further questions on Hamsters and their healthcare.

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