Microchipping your pet could help them be reunited with you if they should ever get lost

Did you know that as of April 2016 it is a legal requirement for all dogs in Ireland to be microchipped? Although this is only applicable to dogs for now, this does not mean that microchipping other pets is any less important.

Having your pet microchipped is quick and largely painless.It is a simple procedure involving the placement of an electronic chip (about the size of a rice grain) under the skin at the back of your pet’s neck. Once inserted the chip is there for life and does not need to be replaced or updated.

Veterinary clinics, dog wardens and animal welfare organisations routinely ‘scan’ stray animals for microchips. If the animal is chipped, the chip number will appear on the scanner and the owner’s name and details can be retrieved in minutes. The owner can then be contacted and a safe return home for the animal can be arranged.

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